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Affordable Training for the Future

We have a passion for training, care staff can not carry out their careers safely without it. Current legislation within the industry means that good quality training is essential. Remember your company is as only as good as the staff you employ. Staff with be able to carry out their duties in a safe and stress free manner, Service Users will be confident that they will be cared for by fully qualified professionals.

Our vision is to see a future where all health and social care staff are professionally trained to the highest levels so that they can deliver care to the most vulnerable people in our society.

Aims and Objectives

We offer all the courses that are mandatory under the CQC regulations. We can be totally flexible to suit you, whatever makes life simpler. You can send your staff to our training facilities or our highly qualified Health and Social Care Trainer will visit you at your premises if possible and deliver the training course you require.

You will not be penalised on how many members of staff require training, simply choose any of our courses and send from 1-12 delegates, the price is not inflated if you only have 1 delegate that requires training.

Open quote marks The training was excellent and well delivered. I enjoyed the training and feel confident to serve medication now. I recommend this training for others Close quote marks

Irene Kayit